Swimmingly Green Packaging

MARCH 2, 2015

Swimmingly Green Packaging

Put together the minds of four dads, a passion for the sea, and two years of development, and the result is a delightfully healthy and eco-friendly brand of seaweed chips called Ocean’s Halo™.  Created by New Frontier Foods Inc., these chips are a slightly different model than other seaweed crisps found in other organic food stores.  As opposed to a thin and flakey strip, this chip is similar to a baked crisp.  

The core mission promotes an environmentally friendly message while encouraging healthy eating habits – without losing the tasty snack factor.  In efforts to develop a package that spoke to their mission, they turned to Innovia Films, a film supplier.  The company suggested NatureFlex™, their bio base line.   Aside from other forms of snack packaging, this pouch would be fully compostable, meaning it will typically biodegrade in 180 days or less in a commercial composting facility.

Keeping Quality a Priority

The packaging also includes high moisture and oxygen barriers.  By having this outer shelter, it extends shelf life and protects the quality of the product, keeping it from going stale and losing the crunch.  Ocean’s Halo has made brilliant strides to develop a high quality, natural food product while simultaneously promoting a green lifestyle. 

Why we love it:

  • Sustainability
  • Light-Weight
  • Better-For-You Packaging