Replenish Refill System Has Found Its First Commercial Home

April 2, 2015

Replenish Refill System Has Found Its First Commercial Home

By Joanne Payumo, Product Ventures Packaging Technology Engineer

Have you ever considered exactly what's in your household cleaning products? If you didn't already know, most of what's in those bottles is water, a common solvent. That means that there are unnecessary costs involved for you, the consumer. For one thing water adds weight which requires the use of more fuel to transport product from the manufacturing plant to the retail stores. Why pay extra for water when it is readily available in your own home?

the concentrated cleaner movement

That's where concentrated cleaners come in. Instead of shipping water, several companies now offer concentrated formulas in various packaging formats like flexible pouches and automated dosing caps. Replenish is a brand that also aims to eliminate waste, and does so with a refillable system. An attachable concentrated pod + reusable bottle minimizes the guilt associated with tossing or recycling bottles intended for a one-time use.

the commercial application

Replenish partnered with Berry Plastics to mold the design, and Walmart's CleanPath line of concentrated cleaning and personal care products come in this refill system. To promote these energy efficient cleaning products, BuzzFeed and CleanPath have created an eye-opening video on plastics: