Kitty Litter's New Package Format is a Pulp Container

March 24, 2015

Kitty Litter's New Package Format is a Pulp Container

By Joanne Payumo, Product Ventures Packaging Technology Engineer

Nestle's Purina® Pro Plan® Renew™ cat litter line is packaged solely in molded fiber material. That’s right- there’s no plastic liner, no plastic coating, and no plastic cap with this pulp container. That means this package is fully recyclable and can be recycled along with paperboard and corrugated materials. There is no need to separate the additional inner pouch to go to the plastic recycling stream.


Ecologic Brands, Inc., who collaborated with Nestle, states that their pulp thermoforming process has enough high heat and pressure to comply with moisture barrier requirements.

What’s the manufacturing process?

As of now, pre-formed bottles are delivered to a co-packed to be filled, capped, and labeled. The capping process is manual, while the other processes are automated.

The Cap

Typically molded fiber containers have been paired with a closure that is of a different material, like injection molded plastic. However this friction fit cap is made of molded fiber, and is held snugly in place with a minimal amount of adhesive.