Homegrown Herbs in a Can

June 24, 2015

Homegrown Herbs in a Can

By Joanne Payumo, Product Ventures Packaging Technology Engineer

packaging as a vessel for growing food

Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez are at it again with their innovative and interactive packaging solutions. This time they chose three-piece cans made from steel an infinitely recyclable material, to package all the ingredients needed to grow organic basil or cilantro inside the home. For those who live in a tight space and have been yearning to put their green thumb into good use, this is the perfect solution! 

Garden-in-a-Can is sealed with a full panel metal end with a pull tab for easy opening. It's topped off with a bright engaging label which also has a bit of a natural look due to its muted background. 

If your kitchen windowsill is looking bare and you would like to dress it up with an up-and-coming farming method, learn more on Back to the Roots' site here, and enjoy the video below!