Coffee Cups Made Out of Used Coffee Grounds

June 19, 2015

From Waste to Resource: Coffee Cups Made Out of Used Coffee Grounds

By Joanne Payumo, Product Ventures Packaging Technology Engineer

let's talk trash

Have you ever thought about how much trash is generated every year? The facts are astounding - according to the EPA, in 2012 Americans generated about 251 million tons of trash. From that 164 million tons were sent to landfills to be buried for decades or sent to incinerators to be burned and reduced to ash. And what's the #1 commodity that we send to landfills for disposal? The answer isn't packaging; it's food waste. Since the consumption rate of coffee is increasing more and more these days, the concern of what happens to the coffee grounds after its use has become pertinent.

Luckily there are people dedicated to extending the after life of goods that we would otherwise throw in the trash. 

from coffee to cup

German designer Julian Lechner is one of those people. After spending five years in development and testing, Kaffeeform was created: a material made up of used coffee grounds and other renewable raw materials. And what better way to use this material than to injection mold it into reusable coffee cups with matching saucers?

An initial production run of 250 cups were presented at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival this year. If you would like to order a cup through their site click here

Who would've thought coffee waste could be turned into dishware?