Carlsberg Beer's Cardboard Bottle

FEBRUARY 28, 2015

Carlsberg Beer's Cardboard Bottle

We probably wouldn't have guessed that alcohol wrapped in a paper bag would make a tasteful comeback, but Carlsberg Beer Company challenged the odds. Currently under development is an innovative form of beer packaging, proving that the green initiative is not just stopping at food products. 

The Paper Packaging Movement

The originator of the paper pulp bottle is Truett-Hurst's Paperboy Wines, which was introduced in September 2013. Carlsberg Beer seeks to expand this eco-friendly concept to brews. The company is currently collaborating with Innovation Fund Denmark and the Technical University of Denmark to begin developing this idea.

Expected to launch in 2018, their commercial product packaging is supposed to be 100% biodegradable.  The design seeks to utilize sustainably sourced wood-fiber, similar to the material used for egg cartons or secondary protective packaging for electronics.  

Lighter, Greener, and Hazard-Free

Partnering with ecoXpac, a supplier that specializes in molded fiber trays, the project is well underway.  In efforts to eliminate the plastic pouch found inside the paper pulp shell, Carlsberg plans to spray a coating to line the inside of the paper packaging and essentially have this green fiber bottle be the primary package for the beer. Besides the fact that it looks cool, this green packaged beer is also significantly less of a hazard than glass, lighter to hold, and better for the environment. 

Why we love it:

  • New Package Format
  • Light-Weight
  • Eye-Catching