Be Relevant, Be Compelling, Be Your Brand

May 27, 2014

Be Relevant, Be Compelling, Be Your Brand

Nearly every brief we receive says ‘must be disruptive’, ‘must clearly differentiate from competition’ or ‘must stand out on shelf’. However too often we see brands come to market that are category differentiators (by visual default) just for the sake of standing out. Being a brave, bold and disruptive brand, when done right in a category that has so much homogeny – can be tremendously effective.

Be Relevant

Being totally relevant when breaking those visual ‘rules’ for that category’s consumer and potential consumers, providing growth and increased revenue for the brand – is the ultimate success. Sometimes you see a compelling reason and strategy for the uniqueness – and those are the brands that have got it right.

Be Compelling

A perfect example of this is Sir Richard’s. The brands visual identity and packaging graphics are radically differentiated, not conforming to the visual category norms of condoms. Instead Sir Richard’s has strategically capitalized on the stigma attached to purchasing condoms – embarrassment (prevalent in young males). The brand is visually arresting, engaging and certainly something you would not be embarrassed to have in your hand, basket or shopping cart, let alone put on the counter at the register.

Our job is to help our clients brand stand out. Being able to do that based on a genuine consumer insight, ultimately enables them to make an educated brave decision – not settling for the category status quo. The truth is brands do have elasticity, when there is a sound strategic insight (marketers tend not to!).