Ruffles Deep Ridged

chip design & RESEARCH

Leveraging technical guidance from the PepsiCo/Frito-Lay team, Product Ventures developed designs for 26 different chip iterations for the Ruffles Extreme Ridges concept, each with a different combination of wave amplitude, frequency, ridge radius, and chip thickness. PV created 3D prototypes of the different chip concepts leveraging in-house rapid prototyping capabilities paired with the expertise of in-house prototyping specialists who sculpted each chip to give it an organic shape and form before finally finishing the prototypes to look like real Hot Wings flavored Ruffles chips. PV then conducted one-hour dyads with consumers to evaluate the Ruffles Extreme Ridges concept, participate in a naming exercise and interact with the prototype chips. Based on learnings from the consumer sessions, a lead concept direction was refined and Ruffles Ultimate and Ruffles Deep Ridged chips were brought to market.



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