Rapid Innovation Week™

Product Ventures’ celebrated Rapid Innovation Week™ is a collaborative journey through opportunity discovery to packaging platform definition. Assemble your cross-functional A-team and unite at Product Ventures’ Innovation Center for a fast and furious exploration of packaging possibilities.  Need to take a big bite out of a challenge?... Need to fill your pipeline with actionable ideas?  Product Ventures’ veritable “Santa’s Workshop” rapidly brings ideas to life.  Our extensive array of prototyping tools paired with the world’s largest packaging, materials and samples library and an amazing focus group facility, fuels consumer-informed iterative design.

Identify consumer unmet needs

Unlock your teams creative power

Fill your pipeline with actionable ideas

All within a week!

Contextual Interviews

In-store, In-home, on-the-go contextual immersion with target consumers into their behaviors and lifestyle to identify unmet needs.





Cross-functional team information exchange, conceptualization of ideas and alignment on opportunity areas to pursue.

Concept Definition & Prototyping

Defining the concepts through the development of concept statements and 3D stimuli that bring ideas to life.



Consumer Workshops – Day 1

Consumer interaction and consideration of concepts within the context of virtual in-store and at-home usage environments and the generation of iterative concept refinements fueled by in-house rapid prototyping.



Consumer Workshops – Day 2

Continued consumer informed concept iteration culminating in a summation of the consumer-preferred concepts and definition of path forward.

If you feel your team could benefit from our Rapid Innovation Week™ process, we'd love to hear from you.