Juicy Juice Brands

Graphic design & development

Upon the successful rebranding efforts on the Juicy Juice core line, Harvest Hill Beverage Company continues its partnership with Product Ventures for the design and development of their new sub-brand identities, complimenting their full brand portfolio. Read all about Juicy Juice’s rebranding in Ad Age.


Juicy Juice Finding Dory

In partnership with Disney, Product Ventures designed the “Finding Dory” takeover for the Juicy Juice core line of products. 

Juicy Juice Cars 3

In partnership with Disney / Pixar, Product Ventures designed the "Cars 3" takeover for the Juicy Juice core line of products. 

Juicy Juice Teasers

Intended for an older child target, Juicy Juice Teasers is fun and playful while delivering tween-friendly badge value. The vibrant, saturated color helps communicate the fruity flavor that is balanced with the tea, which is communicated through the brown leaf-like holding shape for the branding. The Teasers sub-brand mark uses expressive and engaging typography which feels both sophisticated and exuberant.

Juicy Juice Splashers

PV’s package graphics bring to life the fruit juice plus filtered water product proposition by embracing a fun and vibrant aesthetic that’s appealing to kids, tempered by luscious fruit and the introduction of white to communicate the light and healthy backbone of the product offering. With the added features of a custom hand-drawn doodle and dynamically playful pouch depiction on the secondary packaging, Splashers establishes itself in the kids beverage category as a strong new player full of personality and delight.

Juicy Juice Organics

Juicy Juice Organics really dials up the wholesomeness of the product within with a clean, ‘fresh from the farm’ aesthetic to the packaging graphics. The typography used for the Organic sub-brand is honest and authentic and the simple ingredient story is expressed through the singular hero depiction of the fruit that goes into the product. Elegant and sophisticated, the Juicy Juice Organics packaging helps give believability to the wholesome story of this quality product.