Communicating your brand story.

Graphic Design professionals at Product Ventures exhibit a skilled understanding of visual brand communication from a holistic perspective to help create distinctive brand expressions that articulate the product message in a clear and compelling way. Visual Positioning, Brand Identity, Brand Architecture, Brand Guidelines, Graphic System Implementation, and Artwork Production are all important aspects of our graphics services.  A brand’s design potential is fully realized when graphics and structure unite and both are leveraged to their full potential.  The harmonization of graphic communication, sculptural expression, tangible interaction and functional delivery excites the senses and creates a profound and memorable brand/product experience through holistic design.

  • Brand identity
  • Brand architecture
  • On-product communication
  • Packaging design
  • Design guidelines
  • Retail & competitive category design assessment
  • Art direction, photography & illustration
  • Global graphic system implementation 
  • Mechanical production