Using "technology" to fuel Packaging Innovation

Using "technology" to fuel Packaging Innovation

By Eric Hartman, Product Ventures Vice President Technologies & Commercialization

As a part of it's daily activities Product Ventures conducts an ongoing search for new ideas, technologies and innovations. Things that could potentially be brought forward as part of the consideration set when undertaking a new product or packaging design challenge for our clients.  We continually scour industry and trade journals, we search the internet, we talk to material and equipment manufacturers, inventors and even universities in efforts to keep our fingers on the latest and most innovative technologies and ideas in packaging and other relevant fields. 

As we come across interesting developments, whether they are specific to the world of packaging, or from other areas outside of the normal considerations set, we save and catalog the information in an on line database, which we ultimately use as a reference tool, helping provide inspiration for future design and innovation projects.

In addition to incorporating new ideas and technologies into our on line database, we also share out summary information about the new technologies with our internal team on a regular basis through "Lunch & Learn" sessions.

By constantly searching for and reapplying new and innovative technologies in packaging and beyond we enable our designers and engineers to fuel their creative process and generate real, value added solutions to any given design challenge.

In addition to sharing the results of our technology scouting out to Product Ventures' internal staff we also provide free "Technology Lunch & Learn" sessions for our clients.

We often find that our clients have so much on their plates as a result of the need to support the daily activities of their businesses that they don't have the time to spend searching for technology and innovation that could help them win bigger at shelf. By utilizing Product Ventures' expertise in seeking out and identifying new and innovative technologies we give our clients the opportunity to build on the work that we are already doing and which they might not have time for in their daily schedule. During these sessions, which are typically held over a long lunch hour, we enable our client's marketing and technical teams to learn about the latest technologies and developments that we have uncovered and at times we even go as far as providing examples of how a particular idea or technology might be utilized as an innovation for one of their core businesses, making a "technology connection" for them, so to speak.

Sharing out the information like this allows our clients to combine their business knowledge, our design and engineering talent and relevant new technologies to create breakthrough, value added products and packaging for consumers.

Sometimes the ideas or technologies are in the early stages of development and definitely "not yet ready for prime time".

In other instances the technology that we have identified is something that our clients can capitalize on and drive to market in relatively short time frames with minimal investment.

Whatever the case, our clients have the opportunity to create value and innovation for their business as a result of our technology scouting efforts.

We'd be happy to provide you and your team with a complimentary "Technology Lunch & Learn". Feel free to contact us if you would like to have the opportunity to better understand how our commitment to understanding the new and most innovative product and packaging technologies could help bring new value and innovation to your business.

Eric Hartman is the Vice President Technologies & Commercialization for Product Ventures. 
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